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How to meet your ideal woman and have the exact relationship you've always wanted... a busy professional or entrepreneur without having to rely on frustrating dating apps or spending time and money constantly going to bars and clubs.
Michael Nova
Helping men find the woman of their dreams
Learn how to get the exact relationship you want without having to rely on frustrating apps, forcing yourself to go to bars or clubs and being somebody you're not.
  • No more wondering where to find the perfect partner who understands your beliefs, lifestyle and ambitions
  • No more spending weekends alone wondering when that special someone will come into your life
  • ​No longer be the only one out of your group of friends who is still single
With my help you will be the captain of your own ship and will know exactly how to meet, attract and date the kind of women you want and deserve.

What I Do

I help busy professionals start organic relationships with women on the same frequency so they can find the right one & become her LAST, first date
The goal of my training:  Find your ideal woman, make her yours and build a long lasting relationship without constantly "swiping & waiting" or going to bars and clubs.


  • Professionals and entrepreneurs who feel they are too busy to meet someone new or be in a relationship.

  • Men working in male dominated industries who struggle to meet women outside of their social circle.

  • People who missed out on getting into a relationship back in college because they were too focused on school.
I've helped dozens of professionals and entrepreneurs attain the exact relationships they want with their ideal woman without having to sacrifice their career and personal ambitions.


  • Effectively integrating dating into your life in a way that is efficient and suits your busy lifestyle.
  • Quit "swiping & waiting" and finally be in control of the who gets to enter your life.
  • Developing a winner's mindset so you can have the confidence to become a woman's LAST first date.
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    About Michael Nova
    Founder & Coach Michael Nova
    Michael helps professionals, entrepreneurs and businessmen start organic relationships with women on the same frequency and attain their perfect relationship without sacrificing much time and effort. Thereby he is specializes in transforming you from, “I can’t get a second date” to “I became her LAST, first date.”

    He shows you the exact principles you need to understand and apply so you can effectively get women to view you as a potential partner and to never be left wondering why she didn’t “feel the spark.”

    Michael has been through those same exact struggles and has often wondered, in the past, why he was able to become successful in all other aspects of life but not when it came to dating and relationships. After years of constant heartbreaks and failures, which lead to eventual successes, he now re-lives his journey by helping men go through his exact transformation process, within weeks, thereby being the best co-pilot on your journey of finding the woman of your dreams.

    Your goal becomes that much closer if you have a proven concept that allows you to develop the unshakable confidence to meet and keep your ideal woman, while also never losing focus on your career goals.

    How does the application-process look like?

    1. You apply for the free consultation call.

    In the first step you have to go to my  short application form. By filling it out you are giving me some informations about your current situation and yourself so I know how I can help you the best.

    2. A team member will call you and interview you.

    In the second step a member of my team will give you a short call to interview you. It will take 10 minutes to ask you some questions about the things that you want to accomplish and what obstacles are keeping you from achieving your goals.

    3. We coordinate an appointment together.

    In the last step we will coordinate an appointment together were we both have 45-60 minutes for the free consultation call. In our call we will create an individual step by step plan for your current situation.

    Client Results

    "I haven't opened up a dating app in months now!"

    Kevin G.

    • Problem: As a VP at a Financial Consulting Firm, Kevin works close to 80 hours a week and wasn't meeting the type of women he wanted to on dating apps.
    • Solution: I showed him different alternatives to meet women and how he can effectively integrate it into his busy schedule.
    • Result: Within weeks Kevin was able to consistently meet women in person and is now currently steady with a woman he describes as his "ideal."

    "Meeting women has never been easier!"

    Alex P.

    • Problem: As a Software Engineer, Alex never really understood how and where to meet women due to the nature of his job being time consuming and very male dominated.
    • Solution: Together we created an effective step by step plan to be able to meet women he liked, anywhere at anytime.
    • Result: Within a month Alex went on his first date in 3 years and is now in his first relationship since freshman year of college.

    "I understand how to attract the women I want. Goodbye friend zone!"

    Joe M.

    • Problem: As a Financial Advisor, Joe was confident when it came to his career but not when it came to women. He was frustrated that he could never get passed the first date.
    • Solution: I helped him understand how to effectively flirt and build attraction with women during dates.
    • Result: Within weeks of working together, Joe was able to successfully get past the first date and is currently in a relationship with his ideal girl.

    "I now know what it feels like to really be alive!"

    Jordan M.

    • Problem: From having been rejected his entire life by women, he developed a very negative mindset that women didn't like him because of his ethnicity, height, looks, etc.
    • Solution: I helped him wash away all of the negativity built up from his past experiences and showed him a proper way to attract women through authenticity and honesty.
    • Result: After completing the program he was able to go on 6 dates within 2 weeks. He now has the confidence to meet and attract women by just being himself and and knowing how to properly create meaningful connections.

    "I am now in a relationship with the woman of my dreams!"

    Johan S.

    • Problem: Johan was lost when it came to dating because his entire life was dedicated to finishing school and starting his career as a programmer. He didn't know where and how to talk to girls.
    • Solution: I showed him all of the opportunities he had to socialize and meet women and how to properly start conversations with them so they become attracted to him and go on a date.
    • Result: After going through the program, Johan was constantly going on dates every weekend. He is now in the relationship with a woman he says is "the woman of his dreams."

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    My service is highly in demand. To work with me, an application is necessary. 
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    current situation and which levers will help you to get the next breakthrough.

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